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My method to earn money easily at home on internet



From home, earn 500 dollars (or equiv in your currency) a day playing a few minutes, following that guideline...


The Roulette is the most predictable of casino games and systems for online gaming can not wait until the dealer starts the ball and it falls on a number. By selecting "play express' option in the online casino you can, for example, earn X times in a row in seconds. Without saying of course that there is no luck factor, it is the only game where control is possible, if you follow carefully these guidelines.


The method is very simple. Play the values that double your bet, for example, with 2 colors RED / BLACK (the system is identical with even / odd). Indeed, statistically, you have 1 chance every round on 2 to win. The likelihood of getting one color for each turn is always the same. But mathematically, the statistics show that the color distribution tends to be equivalent to a large number of turns. For example, it is highly unlikely to see out the same color more than 10 times in a row ... (although we must admit that this may happen ... that's where the luck factor involved. But given the rarity of this situation, you can, keeping your game, doubling many times your bet before taking the risk that this situation occurs very unlikely).

When you lose, double your bet on the same color, until the opposite color win ... And you will continue to double your initial bet. The number zero can hinder, but consider it as the opposite colors and continue to double when it appear. There is very little chance to get the zero so many times in a row ...

Do not try to increase your earnings significantly, even if you are excited about having already amassed a pool of 1,000 dollars, which is quite possible, you stop and resume later. Because the more you play in the same session, the more you take the risk of produitre is a very rare (as the output of 0 to 3 more times in a row ... or a series of more than 10 times the same color as you bet on the other ...)


You play with 2 dollars on the RED and the double whenever the BLACK fate.
As the 2 colors as much chance of that Sotir one another, after a certain number of laps, you do not win, then where is the trick?

With a little practice, you will see that the colors still come out several times. It is with this phenomenon that you will make money (take the elevator). The deal is to only change color every 10 laps (for example, but you can regarding your budget decide to start a number of rounds where you play the same color). Monitor the number of times or the same color output when an imbalance sets in, change the color. However, do not change color at every turn or you do not win at the end of the ...

Above all, go back to your original bet after you have won:

Tour initial Bet Color Gain Money
1 100 2 4 102
2 2 4 104
3 2 0 102
4 4 8 104
5 2 4 108
6 2 0 106
7 4 0 102
8 8 16 110
9 2 4 114
10 2 4 118

Red color is predominant in the last 10 tour ...So for the next round, change your bet color, always with 2 dollars at the start ...

Tour initial Bet Color Gain Money
1 118 2 0 116
2 4 8 120
3 2 4 114
4 2 4 106
5 2 0 122
6 4 8 124
7 2 4 126
8 2 4 128
9 2 0 126
10 4 8 130

You won 30 dollars in 1 or 2 minutes ...

These tables are examples and the number of rounds during which you play the same color by doubling the color when the other sort is adjustable. You must make your own game, but if you discipline you can save a lot money with this method. Especially when a series of the same color lot, keep up the color until you win.

How much should I initial deposit? In saying that out the same color more than 5 times in a row is quite rare, an initial amount of 200 € you must suffice; If you can you will of course much quieter with a larger sum, and you can then select a significant departure and increase your winnings faster.

Remember that you need to play responsibly, and not try to force too lucky when you smile ... Respect poses to not lose your concentration. Of course, these tips are by no means a guarantee of gains and you only have control of your success. If you are not secure and confident in you, do not play ....


Care must be taken to the casinos that do not pay hardly gains with very long periods, or to apply to the bonus they offer such constraints it becomes difficult to recover for real money .. Now I use only the Palace Group of casinos, which respect the rules of the game are responsible and those who will pay you as soon as your earnings, and will allow you to withdraw money won with a bonus of departure (by removing the value of bonus which can be converted into real money). In addition, support online dialogue in real time is very effective. Unlike other casinos, the bonus is not automatic, and you will have to apply for payment on your deposits, if you wish.

Attention to the bonuses. Read carefully the terms of payout, which can sometimes be very long and pay attention to good conditions for the Bonus. Some casinos keep you from withdrawing your winnings until you have played the value of the bonus a certain number of times):

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Pay attention to the bonuses. Read carefully the terms of payout, which can sometimes be very long and pay attention to good conditions for the Bonus. Some casinos keep you from withdrawing your winnings until you have played the value of the bonus a certain number of times)


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